Earth Day, The Mission

In The Mission lives a friend of mine from the small town we grew up in together and rode skateboards until five in the morning talking David Foster Wallace, love, and meaning; smoking Swisher Sweets and eating Hershey’s Chocolate (2/$2.00 at CVS); climbing to the tops of all the Elementary schools in our small town with Four Lokos in hand, blacking out somewhere near the summit, sometimes in tears; breakfast sandwiches in the morning over failed attempts at Eastern philosophy.

In The Mission lives a friend of mine with a degree in Philosophy from a great American college and Oxford on his resume. I visited him in his new neighborhood and it was like when we were in our small town, just a little more adult and dirtier. We got coffee twice before noon and walked to the top of some hill. I divulged some newfound respect for economics and he provided some good perspectives and then told me a bit about his new job at one of the new companies that will no doubt someday be in high school history textbooks.

In The Mission we talked about gentrification and got burritos and then beer until we were too full and then whiskey and walked back to his clean apartment. I wondered what he thought of me and all my wanderings away from many of the norms and institutions of our day. It was dark and I was on an inflatable mattress when he asked me quickly “So what is an ‘ecological perspective’?” And in that moment I knew the Earth, our home, would be okay.